Welcome To The New AJJordan.net V5.0!

This website is under construction and we are working on it daily to bring you fresh content!

For now there is a bunch of music, photos, & videos to check out and more being added, too!

We will have news soon about an upcoming summer tour and new CDs that are in the works!

Our team is honing their craft around the clock, preparing for one of the craziest years ever!

Believe me when I say we have so much planned & prepared that we can’t wait to show you!

Stay tuned in and like & share & comment on whatever you can to help us spread the word!

Thank you to our genuinely supportive fans, friends, + family for all of the encouragement!

I’ll be back with more news updates tomorrow and the next day and almost every day I can!

Much love & respect to all who visit my page. Hate it or love it, I’m here to stay!

So keep loving & living peoples!  Catch you on the flip side in the ’15.





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